Endpoints & Capabilities

OCTO defines a number of Core Endpoints that are applicable to most use cases and are required for the implementation.

Since not all use cases can be fulfilled with just the core endpoints, OCTO provides a concept of Capabilities, allowing for enhancement to the integrations based on specific needs. Capabilities are optional for implementation and to enhance integration by, for example, adding additional information about pricing, content, pickups, etc.

OCTO API Core Endpoints


Note the Capabilities listed on this page are NOT yet part of the official OCTO Specification and are provided for reference only.

You control which capabilities you want to enable by using the Octo-Capabilities header. For example:

GET /availability HTTP/1.1
Host: {host}
Authorization: Bearer {your_API_key}
Octo-Capabilities: octo/content, octo/offers

It's also possible to use the _capabilities query parameter if you're unable to use headers:

GET /availability?_capabilities=octo/content,octo/pricing HTTP/1.1
Host: {host}
Authorization: Bearer {your_API_key}

You can list all the capabilities with a comma to separate each one.

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